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Beware of dust if you work at a factory

Many people don’t realize that what they breathe in on a regular basis can have a major impact on their health. Those who work in some of the factories in Opelousas are at an increased risk of serious health conditions because of the air quality. 

Things that you breathe in can reach the lungs. In some cases, they can cause scarring. If something as common as dust can do this, think about what might occur if you’re breathing in seasoning particles on a regular basis. That’s a possibility that can also occur at other factories with various substances. 

Pneumoconiosis is possible

One of the more serious occupational lung diseases that can occur is pneumoconiosis. This condition is caused by scarring in the lungs that make it difficult to breathe. While most of the deaths that are due to this condition are related to asbestos, any dust that causes lung scarring may lead to it. 

Wearing an appropriate mask while you work is one of the best ways that you can prevent dust-related or particle-related lung conditions from affecting your health. Your employer should provide this, but even if you wear a mask, you should be aware of issues that can happen.

Whether you work at the oil mill or one of the city’s other factories, you should pay close attention to how your body is reacting to the environment. The substances you breathe in, even if it’s just dust, can cause major issues with your health. Any worker who notices signs that something is amiss should seek out medical care. Because this is a work-related issue, workers’ compensation should pick up the medical costs. Other benefits, such as partial wage replacement should be possible.

If your workers’ compensation claim isn’t going smoothly, it may be time to get a little experienced assistance with your claim.