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Motorcyclists need to be wary of left turns

It’s important for motorcyclists to be alert at all times and to avoid distraction. When a driver makes a mistake that causes a crash involving a motorcycle, that motorcyclist is far more likely to suffer severe injuries – such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries – than the person in the car.

While this is true at all times, it is especially important for motorcyclists to be wary when they believe that a vehicle ahead of them is waiting to turn left. This is one of the most dangerous situations for a rider, and it’s one of the most common causes of severe accidents.

How the accident happens

This accident happens when the driver turns directly in front of the motorcycle, without leaving enough space between the two vehicles. Often, this is because the driver hasn’t seen the motorcycle at all. Maybe it blended into the road, or maybe it was hidden behind other vehicles.

Often, that driver is waiting for his or her gap in traffic to make the turn. The motorcycle is so small that it could appear to be a gap between any two other vehicles. The driver will begin to turn and not see the motorcycle until it is too late. For the motorcyclist, this means that they’re on a collision course with the side of the vehicle, which is now blocking the entire lane, and there’s no way for them to avoid it.

If you’ve been involved in an accident like this and you have suffered serious injuries, you need to know if you can seek compensation for your medical bills and other costs