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Spinal cord injury: Important information

Car wrecks can lead to many injuries. Some of these are minor, but there are others that are catastrophic. When a person has a serious injury, such as a spinal cord injury, prompt medical care is critical.

When a person has an injury to the spinal cord, the period immediately following the crash is likely going to be rather complex. There is a lot of information passed to them, so it can be hard to understand it all.

Is the injury complete or incomplete?

There are two broad classifications for spinal cord injuries – incomplete or complete. Incomplete injuries have a greater chance of a good recovery because there are still nerve pathways attached at the site of the injury. Complete injuries don’t have nerve pathways still attached, and the chance of recovery isn’t as great as with an incomplete injury.

Where is the damage to the spinal cord?

The affected area of the body will always be below the level of the injury to the spinal cord. This means that a greater portion of the body is affected with higher injuries. It’s possible for the organs, limbs and digits to be affected by a spinal cord injury.

People who are involved in a car crash in Opelousas will likely need to get medical care at Opelousas General Hospital if they suffered from a spinal cord injury. There’s a chance that some patients may have to be transferred to Lafayette, New Orleans, Baton Rouge or Houston. This care may lead to considerable expenses. Seeking compensation when the crash is due to the negligence of another driver can help to reduce the financial damage the victims have to deal with. Working with someone local who can assist you with your claim while you heal can make things less stressful.