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Offshore Accidents

The law firm of DeJean & Leger, LLC, provides representation to anyone injured in the Gulf of Mexico, its many inlets or at one of Louisiana’s harbors. Our attorneys have more than a half century of combined legal experience and have an in-depth understanding of admiralty/maritime law.

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How Are Maritime Injuries Governed?

Offshore injuries, including those on boats or barges, at drilling operations, etc., are handled differently than other personal injury cases. They are governed by several federal statutes that allow seamen, other maritime employees and their families to obtain compensation for their injuries and medical costs. These statutes include:

  • Jones Act: The Jones Act is a federal law under which maritime employees can obtain compensation for work-related injuries. This compensation is known as “maintenance,” which is designed to provide for a seamen and his or her family while he or she is unable to work.
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act: The LHWCA is a bridge between state workers’ compensation laws and the Jones Act. This law allows non-seamen to obtain benefits for work-related injuries or employer negligence.

Our firm also provides compassionate, yet aggressive representation to anyone who tragically lost a loved one in an offshore accident. Under the Death on the High Seas Act, a maritime worker’s family might be eligible for benefits so long as the death occurred more than three miles from land.

Common Offshore Injuries

Maritime injuries are not limited to seamen working on a boat or in a harbor. Employees of oil companies, fishermen and others might be eligible for benefits after suffering a serious personal injury. Examples of common maritime accidents include:

  • Drilling equipment malfunction
  • Failing to abide by safety regulations
  • Falling equipment or broken cables, winches or hoists
  • Electric shock
  • Explosions and fires
  • Jack-up rig accidents
  • Gas leaks
  • Many more

The lawyers at DeJean & Leger, LLC, are ready to investigate your claim and provide the support you and your family need. We are solutions-focused, results-oriented attorneys who provide the personal representation you deserve during difficult times.

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