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What can cause a car crash to result in a fire?

How many times have you either seen in person or on the news where a car catches on fire? The likelihood is that you’ve seen such a phenomenon more than once.

What you may not realize is what can cause these fires. There are a few different situations that can — one of which is a car crash. What is it about car crashes that can lead to fires? Knowing this information might just save your life.

Common causes of crash-related car fires

A mechanical flaw can cause an automobile to unexpectedly shut off, making it more likely for someone to strike it. While this can be caused by an owner failing to adequately maintain their vehicle, there have been instances in the past in which manufacturing defects have resulted in similar outcomes. People died before automakers were able to pinpoint the automobile’s flaw and make these vehicles safe.

Something else that can create a fire risk is any collision impact near the gas tank. It also matters whether a motorist is carrying gasoline in containers in their vehicle. Countless wrecks have resulted in fires and fatalities because drivers were carrying gas in their trunks that ignited with the impact of the crash.

Compensation is available for injured car crash victims

If you’re fortunate enough to have survived a crash that resulted in a fire, then you may have significant burn injuries. These require aggressive medical treatment if you wish to minimize any functional impairments or scarring that they tend to leave behind. You’ll want to take time to learn more about your right to compensation to cover these and other expenses and damages.