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You do not control how safe you are on the road

If someone tells you that they are scared to fly in a plane but not scared to drive their car, what they are really saying is that they feel safer when they are in control. Statistically, it is vastly safer to fly in a plane. It’s just hard for some people because they don’t like knowing that someone else controls their safety.

Unfortunately, you can’t entirely control how safe you are when driving either. You have the illusion of control because you’re holding the steering wheel, but that does not mean you are safe just because you are a talented driver.

Considering teen crash rates

For instance, it is often pointed out that teen drivers have the highest crash rates. This is true. The reason for it is often just their inexperience. 

This may make you think that you are safe on the road because you are no longer a teenager and you are a very experienced driver. This is only partially true, however, because it simply means that you are less likely to cause a crash. You still have to share the road with a lot of teen drivers who lack experience and may make mistakes. You can be the best possible driver that you can be, and one of them could still hit your car without warning. We all face this risk, and that is why almost 40,000 people pass away in car accidents every single year. 

So what can you do? 

You may not be able to stay perfectly safe when you drive, but you can consider your legal options if you get injured in a crash.