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How can you afford to stop work with a repetitive strain injury?

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are increasingly common among workers in all industries. As workplaces have got more efficient for the employer, they have become more troublesome for the employees.

In olden times, workers had more variety in their jobs. It allowed them to change positions and change tasks regularly. Doing so gave their bodies a rest. For example, the village butcher was in charge of making sure people had meat. Their day involved lifting and carrying carcasses, cutting in different directions using different knives, talking to customers, wrapping and passing products to customers, cleaning the shop at the end of the day and more.

These days local butchers have been replaced by meat processing plants. If you work in one of those, you may spend the whole day in the same spot performing the same limited range of motion using the same tool. For instance, you cut the wings off chickens that pass on a conveyor belt. Or you saw ribs from carcasses that swing past your head one after another. There is no time to stop and chat and no time to take a walk and stretch your legs.

Rest is essential for injuries that result from repetition

Industrialization often treats humans as one more cog in the machine, ignoring that your body is not designed that way. The result can be an RSI that limits your ability to do your job or go about daily life without pain.

Taking time off work may not feel like an option, especially if you earn by the hour. Yet, that is what you need to prevent your injury from worsening. Claiming workers’ compensation benefits can help you take the recovery time you need without financial penalty.