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Back injury prevention in the workplace

People who are working deserve to have a safe workplace. While every job has some hazards that can’t be controlled, there are some dangers that employers can take steps to minimize. The risk of a back injury is one of those. 

There are several things you can do that can help minimize the chance of a back injury occurring. These can apply to all workers, including those who work within the hospital system, in a warehouse, or in an office setting. 

Proper lifting

You need to use proper lifting techniques to pick up heavy or bulky items. When this is a regular part of the job, it behooves the company to have special equipment to help employees lift. This could be a Hoyer hoist for a hospital or a forklift for a factory. 

Stretching and preparation

Before each shift and throughout the shift, workers should stretch the back. This helps to keep the muscles warm, which can reduce the chance of suffering an injury. All healthy individuals should ensure they also remain active to help the body stay in good shape. 

Some work-related back injuries occur slowly over time. These are known as cumulative trauma injuries and must be taken seriously. The pain and limitations from them get progressively worse, so proper medical care is critical.

Proper safety protocols are important, but they cannot prevent every possible injury. When a worker does suffer an injury, they can turn to workers’ compensation to get their medical bills,  replacement wages and other benefits. If your claim doesn’t go as expected, however, it may be time to explore your legal options.