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A traumatic brain injury can alter your closest relationships

One thing many people don’t realize about traumatic brain injuries (TBI) is the many ways that they can permanently alter even your closest and most intimate relationships with others. This can happen even when the other person continues to love you very much.

One example of this is if a spouse becomes your primary caretaker. Taking on the mantle of that role can insidiously alter your future interactions with one another. While some caretakers are able to segue from this role seemingly effortlessly to that of an intimate partner, countless other relationships hang in the balance.

Children may need to care for their brain-injured parents

Relationships between parents and their offspring are also subject to change if their children are in charge of a parent’s personal care. The reversal of roles can definitely make this a challenging transition. But if there is no money to pay for outside personal care attendants, this may be the only way for the parent to remain in the home and not be transferred to a care facility.

Avoiding the break-up of a family

Another harsh fact to absorb can be that the brain-injured spouse may actually be eligible for more services and rehabilitation as a single person than as a married spouse. Some couples may even contemplate divorce solely for economic reasons.

Before taking any such actions, it is prudent to review what other options and resources may be available to the brain injury victim and their family members. Filing a claim for damages against the liable party and their insurance company is the first step to resolution.