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Why are New Year’s revelers a threat on the roads?

A car crash can be devastating at any time of year. Yet imagine having one at New Year’s. While others are drinking from champagne flutes, you could be receiving liquids through an intravenous drip.

Drivers who get caught in the celebratory spirit might forget the responsibility that comes with driving a vehicle. If they do, you could pay the consequences.

Watch out for these 4 dangerous driver types:

The 4D’s are:

  • Distracted: Imagine a car full of friends on their way to a New Year’s party. They are getting in the mood by playing their favorite tunes, arms punching the air in time to the beat. Drivers need both hands on the wheel and their attention on the road, not on their friend’s antics or the car stereo.
  • Drowsy: Even a responsible, “dedicated driver” could be a danger on New Year’s eve. They may not have drunk or taken anything, yet, if the party went on late, they might be exhausted by the time they have dropped all their friends home. Tiredness harms driving ability.
  • Drunk: Many people start drinking early on December 31 and consume far more than usual. People can be too drunk to drive hours after their last drink, so they could still be a threat well into New Year’s Day.
  • Drugged: Drugs can also stay in the system for hours, affecting people’s ability to operate a vehicle safely and legally.

Getting the total amount of compensation you are due after a vehicle collision requires a thorough understanding of how these situations work. The insurance company is looking out for their shareholder’s interests, not yours. If you want to get the compensation you deserve, you need someone willing to stand up to them.