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5 ways drivers become distracted

Distracted driving is when a driver looks away from the road (even for a few seconds) to focus on something else. 

There are many ways a driver can become distracted, leading to serious injuries for you and other drivers:

1. Eating while on the road

Anyone can grab a quick meal on the road – it’s practically what fast food restaurants are made for. Fast food can cause someone to look away from the road while unwrapping a meal. Additionally, they may spill or drop food, causing even more distractions.

2. Talking on the phone

If you didn’t take your phone in your car, it’s still likely your car is still able to call someone. Talking to someone over the phone while driving may take your mind off the road and onto the topic of conversation. This minor slip of mind could lead to a car accident. 

3. Texting and driving

If it’s not talking, it’s texting that can put people at risk of car accidents. It can take some serious concentration to text and read others’ texts that would otherwise be focused on the road.

4. Changing the radio or AC

Nearly every car comes equipped with a radio and AC – there are likely to be a dozen knobs and buttons included. Trying to change the radio station or raise and lower the air could cause you to look away from the road.

5. Transporting an animal

Pets don’t understand how much control you need to drive a car. They may run around, look out windows and even bark at passing cars. Your pet’s presence could cause you to focus on what they’re doing instead of where you’re driving. 

If you’re in a car accident with a distracted driver then you may need to know your options. You may be able to recover from your losses and medical bills with the right help.